Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Ultimate Fiber-Related Website

I found this site a couple years back and refer to it for all sorts of info. The problem is, it's one of those sites where you can get easily side-tracked ! Check it out:

My Christmas Present to me !

After our last Potomac Craftsmen Guild weaving study group meeting , I ordered a DVD on warping your loom from The Mannings . One of our members showed portions of the DVD and the instructor, Tom Knisely, explains everything in detail in a soft, relaxed manner with plenty of closeup shots so you know exactly what you're doing. Since I am trying to teach myself to weave, I need all the help I can get, and sometimes, pictures in books just don't cut it. My group members are wonderful, but I need alot of repetition of the process to get it in my head.

The DVD is titled "A Comprehensive Guide to Warping your Loom from Front to Back" with Tom Knisely and sells for $44.95. If you are looking for a good fiber-related road trip, The Mannings is the place to go and drool over the huge selection of yarns for weaving, knitting and everything else. It's located in East Berlin, Pennsylvania, just south of Harrisburg, between Gettysburg and York.

Vintage Collectibles

Earlier this year I collected some interesting handmade pieces which are currently listed at
I love the delicately crocheted blue and white collars and the embroidered purse has a fabulously colorful design. My favorite is the groovy hand-crocheted top covered with green plastic beads. So fun.

Back to Blogging-Newest Knitwear Designs

Hello again, and welcome back to Carol's world of fiber adventures. I haven't posted for two months and I've made and collected a bunch of new stuff. Mainly, I have been busy taking care of my other life as a violinist/teacher and cat mom. So here's what's new: I finally finished my "modknit" hat, made two "log cabin" pattern purses, sold one at a church craft fair, knitted up a striped scarf and tried out a tubular design that popped into my head one day.
Everything pictured above is currently listed on in my etsy shop at