Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mongolian Felt-making video brings a laugh

Going through the daily reading of crafty blogs on my Google Reader, I ran across this video posted on Craftster. It's a hilarious way to promote the Mongolian felt-making industry. Kind of a cross between old Monty Python animations and Sgt. Pepper. Enjoy !

Monday, January 11, 2010

Family weaving buddies

My niece and nephew are learning how to weave on looms I gave them. My niece gave her first project to her Nana and is working on a second one for Grandma. My nephew is working on a cute little table loom I found at a thrift store for $10. He's making a scarf with colorful ribbon yarn. After he finishes we are going to watch a DVD on warping a loom and start another project.

Tatted bracelet #2

Tatted bracelet #2 (PixUp), originally uploaded by ambrosianbeads.

I finished this bracelet last week while gallery sitting. I tried it on and it was a bit loose. The last thing I remember is thinking about it being loose, and then my memory is blank. I must have taken it off, but after that, I have no idea where it went. We scoured the gallery floor, drawers, my purse, I checked outside where I had walked earlier. Sad, because I intended to take photos of the finished product. I was pretty happy with my pattern and planned to draw up a schematic of the stitches, but I would definitely use smaller beads next time.