Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Colors of the Oasis Exhibit

OK, I know I probably shouldn't have taken this pic, but I couldn't resist. I went to see the exhibit of Central Asian Ikats at the Textile Museum of DC last week, and was truly awestruck with the beauty on display. The range of color and pattern was immense, and there seemed to be no end to the creativity of the designers and weavers who produced these works of art. It's definitely an exhibit I would like to view again before it closes on March 13, 2011. And finally, after years of putting off joining the Textile Museum, I did it. I was still on the fence with the $60 membership, but in the museum shop, there was a sign with a special $50 rate for signing up on location. Hopefully, I'll find ways to take advantage of the membership...maybe a reception, curator talk or other event somewhere down the road.