Monday, September 20, 2010

New Blog for Potomac Fiber Arts Gallery

My co-op gallery just started a new blog after setting up a Facebook fan page a few months ago. More and more of our gallery members are on Facebook but still spend plenty of time at their looms, sewing machines, beading tables, knitting couches, etc. Our latest gallery theme was The Child Within and members produced some very colorful and whimsical fiber art creations.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Fiber Optic Weaving

Recently I helped fund an outdoor mural project through Kickstarter, and so I get updates about other Kickstarter projects. Here's a new one that certainly looks fascinating. It's woven panels made of fiber optic threads which will be linked to the internet and change warp and weft patterns based on Twitter feeds and airplane flight times.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Batala Rehearsal

DC100814-X4669CS--Batala, originally uploaded by Bill in DC.

When you play repique, you don't get a lot of photographic time. There were 58 shots of rehearsal last week and I could only one photo of me (in gray on the right). Every week, photographers and tourists take our pictures and I keep up a steady hunt for online images. Here's a recent video of a rehearsal.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Tatted Earrings with Beads

Tatted Earrings with Beads, originally uploaded by ambrosianbeads.

Here I go with my needle tatting addiction. I came with a design for some earrings and they actually turned out rather nicely, so I documented the process and am working on a video tutorial. Also, set up a class at the bead store where I've taught before.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Batala @ World Cup Party 2010

This past year, I had to take time off from the band because I got a teaching job at the same time as band practice. I was so happy when the academic year ended and I could rejoin.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Mural Painter Seeks Donors

UPDATE !!! Joel's project has been funded ! I'm looking forward to seeing his finished work and receiving my art print.
Through my Brazilian percussion band, Batala , I have connections to so many different people, events and projects. One of my Batala sisters passed on this plea for funds to help mural painter, Joel Bergner create a mural to raise awareness about domestic violence in our communities. I checked out his paintings and immediately fell in love with the bold colors and simplicity of line. I hope some of my friends will also appreciate his style and the seriousness of this issue and help see this project to its completion. If you would like to donate, please see the link in the upper corner of my blog and thanks so much !

Friday, February 26, 2010

Gallery Profile: Christine Sinclair

Felted Scottish Thistle

Christine Sinclair (on right)

Nuno Felted Scarf

Felted Fingerless Mittens

A few days ago, I was working the in-house jury process as scribe and one of my colleagues submitted this fantastic giant felted thistle. We were all amazed at her creativity and I decided to share it with the world here. She is from Scotland, so it was just a matter of time, I guess, for the idea to hit her ! Christine always produces gorgeous nuno felted scarves, bags, fingerless mittens and lovely flowers. There is alot of felt work in our gallery and hers always makes a fabulous impression. Felting is something I did once in a fiber arts class in college. I don't plan on doing it ever again for the main reason that I don't like to get my hands wet ! However, I do enjoy seeing the wonderful work of my fellow artists.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mongolian Felt-making video brings a laugh

Going through the daily reading of crafty blogs on my Google Reader, I ran across this video posted on Craftster. It's a hilarious way to promote the Mongolian felt-making industry. Kind of a cross between old Monty Python animations and Sgt. Pepper. Enjoy !

Monday, January 11, 2010

Family weaving buddies

My niece and nephew are learning how to weave on looms I gave them. My niece gave her first project to her Nana and is working on a second one for Grandma. My nephew is working on a cute little table loom I found at a thrift store for $10. He's making a scarf with colorful ribbon yarn. After he finishes we are going to watch a DVD on warping a loom and start another project.

Tatted bracelet #2

Tatted bracelet #2 (PixUp), originally uploaded by ambrosianbeads.

I finished this bracelet last week while gallery sitting. I tried it on and it was a bit loose. The last thing I remember is thinking about it being loose, and then my memory is blank. I must have taken it off, but after that, I have no idea where it went. We scoured the gallery floor, drawers, my purse, I checked outside where I had walked earlier. Sad, because I intended to take photos of the finished product. I was pretty happy with my pattern and planned to draw up a schematic of the stitches, but I would definitely use smaller beads next time.