Thursday, September 21, 2006

Gallery featured artist show

At Artists' Undertaking Gallery we have two featured artists each month, and this month my work is featured along with that of watercolorist, Marilyn Milici. We titled our show "The Scenic Route" because we wanted to promote the idea of always "taking the scenic route through life." Our work is based on images from our travels and I am exhibiting four beaded pieces that I graphed (by hand) from photos of my trips to Europe and the west coast. Here are two of them. The first is a bracelet called "Venezia" and the second is an amulet bag called "Embarcadero Palm." They are both done in herringbone stitch. Since I scanned them, you can't see the entire piece. The other two which I don't have pictured here are "Karwendel Peak," a peyote stitch necklace based on an image from my first trip to Bavaria, and "Helsinki Harbor," a peyote stitch bracelet from an image of my trip to Helsinki.

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