Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ghanaian Thread Art

Recently a musician friend of ours, Nana Frimpong who is originally from Ghana and now lives in the DC metro area, brought us some examples of thread art made by his cousin back in Ghana. I had never seen anything like it and was captivated by the bold shapes and colors. My husband and I selected one piece, and I tried to find out more about the technique. All I can find so far are a few links to sites that sell the artworks:

If I had the space, I would definitely start a collection of this art form. One day I hope to make a trip to Ghana to see it being made and to meet more of the fabulous musicians there. To learn more about our friend "Nana from Ghana" (that's how he introduces himself !), visit his website: He is available for concerts and singing and drumming workshops.

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Carol Dean said...

These are perfectly mesmerizing. I could get lost in the individual stitches.