Thursday, November 01, 2007

Back to my old sewing gig

About two years ago, I found a post on craigslist looking for someone to help sew leotards. I love mind-numbing factory-like sewing projects because they are great for procrastinating on projects that really need to be done. This was the perfect sewing gig because the leotards are the CUTEST things I've ever seen. They range in many different sizes and the little tiny ones are so adorable. The colors are great and they are made with the softest fabric. I sew the elastic in the arm and legholes. The elastic for the legholes has a unique method for stitching which creates a "wedgie-resistant" design. The mother and daughter team who design and do all the rest of the sewing are wonderful to work for and their company is Quantum Leotards. So far, I have sewn several hundred "leos" and can sew in the middle of the night or in between violin lessons. The leotards are available at several gymnastic studios in Maryland and you can customize a leotard at their website. After about a year and a half hiatus, they asked me to start sewing again, so now I have another reason for not cleaning around here :)

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