Friday, April 17, 2009

Bobbin Lace Finds

Lately, the thought of learning bobbin lace techniques has been surfacing. Not sure I'll actually be able to follow through on those thoughts. They probably have occurred since I missed out on a bobbin lace workshop held in March that conflicted with a beadweaving class I was scheduled to give (secretly wishing that no students would sign up !). Anyway, here is a little treat for the eyes from a talented Etsian: Pure Harebell Bobbin Lace Necklace from FiredragonLace.

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V---'-@ said...

there's awonderful text on needlework techniques which includes a chapter devoted to bobbin laces of various kinds. First published in 1750 then republished by Dover, it remains a fantastic source and resource for all kinds of threaded handwork. It's called "Encyclopedia of Needl;ework" by Theresa de Dilmont. I believe the Gutenburg project may have pages of it online - perhaps even the whole book. I would warn you, it's very thick!