Monday, February 21, 2011

Collecting/Re-using Wool Sweaters

I am a super lucky thrifter because in my neighborhood, there are two thrift stores that regularly sell items for only 10 cents apiece in their bins. Every Wednesday, I hit the one with the largest bins, and battle the crowds to claim my prizes...a pile of usually 20-30 items for under $3 total. Since I began losing weight over a year ago, I kept going for personal items in smaller and smaller sizes...I have way too many shirts, skirts and pants now, so I'm focusing on pieces to cut up and re-use, plus I'm collecting silk pieces for a fellow artist who does nuno felting .

My 100% wool sweater collection has grown sizeable in just the last couple weeks, so it's time to start hacking them to pieces and restyle with my new serger my incredibly generous aunt bought for me two months ago. What should I make ? Well, fulled purses is my first thought, but tonight, I found this blog post in my google reader for glove construction . A-ha ! My soft and lovely 100% merino wool sweaters will make nice gloves ! I found my inspiration, so wish me luck !

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