Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Backstrap Weaving Report (a year late !)

Well, a year ago, folks, I tried some backstrap weaving, but just now am getting around to writing a post about it...have I actually finished the weaving itself ??? NOOOOO, but at least I'm finally posting about the effort ! My bad :-[

Anyway, over a year ago, during the second East Coast blizzard, otherwise known as "snowpocalypse", I decided to try Travis Meinolf's (AKA "Actionweaver")Pocket Weaver he had posted on his blog. I have a photo series of my effort. I also took a class a month later with Laverne Waddington, the master of Andean backstrap weaving. Have I finished that project either ??? NOOO again, and now I'm wondering how much of it I can remember ! Too many projects, too much procrastination !

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